Monday, November 28, 2011

What Style Of Home Is That?

Buying a residence requires a sequence of decisions. With all the types of South Jersey homes available in the market, individuals are a little perplexed on which sorts is the best choice. Truly, homes are not differentiated only on their structure or the items utilized, but also they are labeled according to the purpose a form of home can serve to its future owners. There are different types of properties and choosing which one is appropriate for it is possible to be a small confusing. Perhaps the advantages and negatives of Single Family houses, Townhomes, or Condos listed beneath could crystal clear the waters and ultimately will manual you in your house purchasing decision.

Single Family homes
Single family residences are detached properties that is not joined to another house.  It has normally an entrance and back again yard, driveway, and attached carport or garage. Additionally, ownership incorporates the house and extends to the limits of the property lines.

Advantages :
1. No limitations in improvement or changes because the house and lot is yours
2. Generally, single family detached homes have the highest re-sale value
3. There are no property management fees like in condos or townhomes

Disadvantages :
1. Single family homes are more expensive than townhomes or condos.
2. The owner has to do all the repairs, maintenance, landscaping, as well as all the upkeep costs.

A townhome or row house is a residence, often including two or three stories, that is connected by a common wall to another residence.  Moreover, ownership includes the lot on which your house sits as well as the entire structure.

Pros :
1. No more exterior repair or maintenance
2. No worries of security when you ar eon vacation because of the attached neighbor's home
3. Amenities available in the community like pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and the like

Disadvantages :
1. Modification and home improvements are limited
2. You are going to pay for HOA fees or Home Owner's Association fees
3. Compared to single family homes, townhomes have less privacy just like condos

Condominiums in South Jersey are the form of housing tenure and other real property where a specified part of a piece of real estate is individually owned while use of and access to common facilities in the piece such as hallways, heating system, elevators, exterior are shared .
Advantages :
1. Amenities like pools, tennis courts, gyms, and play areas are available within the building
2. Little or no exterior maintenance and repairs.
3. Very convenient location
4. Lower price compared to single family homes

Disadvantages :
1. Owner has to pay for Condo Association fees
2. Less privacy
3. Selling rate is slower
4. Home modifications are limited because you own the interior walls and the rest of the structure are shared with the rest of the owners.
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