Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FSBO: The Difficulties of Selling Your Own Homes

There are times that you can't blame home buyers who are not keen on considering FSBOs. And here are the major reasons why.

1)    For one, FSBOs more often than not, overprice their houses. Some average homeowners do believe that their own property is worth more than the comparable houses in the similar neighborhood.  Sadly, they're wrong. Over pricing homes for sale is a big turn off for prospective buyers. Whereas, a real estate agent could make some focused tasks for you such as updating on the market conditions, advice on how to enhance the home buyer’s appeal and as well as an estimation of the expected selling price of one’s home.

2)    FSBOs cannot list their houses on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) since this industry membership community is only open to the licensed real estate agents and brokers. And that’s not all. Another disadvantage of FSBOs is that they don’t have the access to several search engines and web sites such as the very popular It's true that any determined and resourceful FSBO can post an ad in their local dailies/newspapers, or even put up a "For Sale" sign at their front yards to publicize the sale. However, your house for sale won’t generate much publicity and the needed exposure as it would via MLS.

3)    Home buyers or shoppers will feel intimidated. If the home owner is present during the showing, prospective home buyers would more likely to spend less time in a for-sale property. Aside from that, home buyers tend to feel shy to discuss with their agents all the details (some involve haggling and negotiation, of course) with their agents if they know that the owner is also there. Most often, they also feel reluctant to give an offer if they’re aware that they will be directly discussing and negotiating with the owner of the house. And this is where the importance of an agent on both sides comes—he creates an efficient emotional absorber between buyers and sellers.

Yet another most important factor why most home shoppers never really considered a FSBO transaction is that FSBOs are generally prone to falter into legal problems. For example, an FSBO who disregards even only one required form could face a pricey buyer lawsuit after the closing of a transaction.
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It is decided to sell your home without going through a real estate agent, you need to take some time to develop an understanding of the process and necessary documents. First, you are not alone in making this decision.