Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Interstate Moving Checklist

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Moving to a new home not only brings excitement and anticipation, but it also brings with it stress and worry about packing, unpacking, hiring a moving company, etc. Interstate moving need not to be stressful and can be accomplished quite easily if you have a detailed checklist to follow.

The first thing you have to do is to decide on which items you would take with you; make separate groups of items that you would be carrying with you, the items that you would sell and the items that you would donate. Should you hold a garage sale to dispose of items that you would not be taking with you, do it a few weeks before the day of the move and do not delay until the last minute. Ensure the availability of the interstate moving company that you are planning to hire by booking the company early; make sure that you hire a reputable and highly reliable company to assist you. It also helps if you would decide on the kind of moving services you would need; would you need the simple door to door kind of moving service or would you require additional services like packing, unpacking, loading as well as other extra services? If you would be packing your items yourself, make sure that you have enough packing materials on hand like labels, boxes, pens, packing tape and bubble wrap for your fragile items; new jersey movers also provide such items to customers who would request it. For people who would be requiring the help of an interstate moving company in packing all the items, make sure that these items are all taken care of for you. Notify your local newspaper vendor about your move to another state so all of you newspapers and magazine subscriptions would be taken care of. Double check if all of the boxes that you are using are wrapped and properly covered with packaging tape, are aptly labeled and marked; also, prepare a master list that you have to keep updated with all of the contents of each box. If you would like to shop around for the best interstate moving company first, you can check out web sites like http://www.PrimeVanLines.com in order for you to get an idea on how the moving process is accomplished; you can also request a quote from the company and they will send a representative to take a look at the items that you would be taking with you on the move. The number of personal belongings you would be taking with you in the move as well as the distance from your old address to your new one matters and are factors that moving companies take into consideration when computing for costs.

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Interstate Moving said...

Measuring the cost according to the distance.

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Interstate Moving are more focused on the travel expenses.