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Infant Room Dividers: Decorative and Practical Choice

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Nowadays, it is not advisable to build additional structure(s) in your condominum to create more space or add a storage area. Infant room dividers provide you with practical as well as decorative choices. These are low-priced, easy to assemble, disassemble and store if you do not want to use them or if your children have outgrown them.
These modern dividers are available in materials that are non toxic, thus safe to use by children. They are designed not only to divide a room but also serve as playthings or learning tools for your children. Check out some dividers available on the marketplace today.

Versare Plastic Opaque Room Divider:

This contempoary room partition is waterproof, lightweight and impact-resistant. It is constructed of translucent and sleek polycarbonate core panels and long-lasting aluminum frame. The polycarbonate panel has excellent toughness and sound insulation. This modern room divider is a great replacement for both residential and commercial applications. This contemporaneous unit comes with casters and patented panel ends to provide superior stability and ensure safety by eliminating any possibility that kids could trip on. These movable partitions measure 8.5 feet in length with height options of 72 inches, 82 inches and 90 inches. Color choices are gray, green, bronze and blue. Prices vary depending on choices at

Double-Sided Preschool Partition – Flannel Surface by Best-Rite Manufacturing:

This piece of furniture is ideal for creating a classroom with mobile and versatile display panel. It features a black flannel surface in which you can hang optic aids, artwork and learning tools. The anodized aluminum frame of this unit can withstand constant use. It comes with four two inch locking casters. Buy this item at for only $293.49.

Aosom Baby Kids Wooden Playpen Room Divider 8 Panel:

This room separator for babies or kids features an adjustable 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 sided playpen which comes with 4 connectors for easy mounting on walls. Use this modern room separator to create a safe and portable play area for your pets and children. This unit is constructed of solid pine wood and easy install, disassemble and store. Each panel measures 35 inches in length and 28 inches in height. This contemporary room divider with model # 5664-0017 sells at

Mobile Library Bookshelf - 4 sections by Jonti-Craft:

This movable bookcase features 32 shelves that you can use for book display. It comes with 2-sided panels with 4 hinges and each measuring 2 feet wide by 2 and ¼ inches deep by 4 feet high. This item retails at for $438.60 under item code 0267JC.

Playpanel Sets:

This playpanel collection available at includes CF900-539 3 Rectangle Playpanel Set that measures 31 inches by 48 inches and comes with cantilever legs for durability and stability. It sells for $179.00. The CF900-309-3 Way Mini Mirror Playpanel Set features a shatter-resistant mirror on one side with red vinyl on the back. This unit retails for only $219.00. The CF900-356-Activity Playpanel Center comes with magnetic dry erase surface, mirror, fuzzy loop and transparent play panels. You can order this unit for only $299.00.

Activity Play Panel Center:

Children’s Factory manufactured this 4-panel unit to include a porcelain, magnetic dry erase surface and mirror, transparent and flannel panels. For stability, the unit comes with cantilever feet. This item retails at for a reduced price of $327.96.

Infant room dividers are practical and versatile options. Online retailers offer them in various styles and designs that will allow you to easily move them to any room in your house and store them when not in use.

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