Saturday, December 3, 2011

Calculate The Value Of Your House

Are you thinking of buying or selling your home?  In order to determine the fair market price of a property, you need to establish first its market value.  Appraising the market value of a home is imperative in buying and selling properties as well as in tax deductions.  To determine the market value of a residential property, sales comparison approach is the most common way and the primary method used by appraisers.

By definition, market value or market price is the value of a business, property, etc., in terms of what it can be sold for on the open market. Moreover, it is the likely price a property should command in a competitive and open market. It is actually the price at which any given property or product is carried out between a buyer and a seller who knew all the relevant information of the property.

Real estate professionals accomplish a CMA or a comparative market analysis to figure out the value of South Jersey Homes and they also acknowledge important factors that affect the value of a property like the external and internal characteristics, supply and demand, and location. The curb appeal, lot size, home condition, architectural style, sidewalk, water or sewage systems, and so on constitute the external characteristics. Internal features are consists of Construction quality, size and number of rooms, energy efficiency, and a whole lot more. How quickly the homes in your area sell is what supply and demand is all about. It also takes into consideration the number of homes for sale versus the number of buyers. And lastly, the appeal or the popularity of the area for a particular school, neighborhood, etc. These factors play a significant role in determining the market value of your property and crucial in setting business budgets, managing taxes, as well as in making successful real estate deals.

Generally, it is hard to find an exact comparable sale so what appraisers do is they make adjustments for differences between the property being valued and the comparable properties that are sold. The recent sales of at least three properties in a similar neighborhood are examined. These properties must have an equivalent building style, size and construction, lot sizes, square footage, home style, age, and location.
You can acquire the sales history and appraisal information of  homes in the local assessor’s office, municipalities, or even in some private companies and local newspapers. You can also solicit some help from a real estate agent who can prepare a CMA report for you.
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