Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guide on Preparing for a Home Inspection

Guide on Preparing for a Home Inspection
Before the home selling and home buying transaction, it is recommended for the buyers to do an inspection of the real estate property .

Home inspection is an evaluation of the house and is done by a trained professional inspector that has an experience in evaluating all the features in a home to give you all the information you need .

A professional inspector is the one who will check the property and evaluate if it is a valuable investment for the buyer . Taking time preparing for home inspection is important because it can help you save money and time later on.

Do repairs ahead of time and make sure that the doors, faucets, smoke detectors and windows are functioning .

The roof should be in good condition and clean dirty gutters from the roof . The foundation of the home will also be checked to find out if there are any cracks, and damage .

Clean your house to give an impression of the well maintained property and not neglected . It would also be more interesting for the home buyer to see that you take good care of your Home.

If you have pets, secure them from the areas where the inspector will check .

Be sure that the doors can be unlocked . The inspector will check the electrical systems and appliances as well to see if they function, so be sure it will be accessible for the inspector to avoid delays. They also need to check each corner of your home so clear out all boxes and storage spaces . Condition of your walls and ceilings will be inspected for any sign of damage and weakening . He will record and point out any safety concerns about fireplaces and electrical outlets.

Be truthful in answering every questions they will ask you.

It is important to have a good preparation to avoid problems .

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