Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Latest in Real Estate News and Notes

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There are three things for you to be sure and know in real estate news today. They are all in different real estate arenas. There are always new opportunities to be aware of in your business. When those opportunities knock, you need to be alert and ready for action.

Your knowing the latest news could help you stay in business. Breaking legislation information can help direct your investing. You will find that tracking mortgage rates could be helpful. You may even want to be aware of real estate agents and their newest marketing strategies.

I will be publishing my news and notes every day now. I need to be certain that all people involved can access this resource. I am always careful to read about real estate news daily. I review each and every arena. You will see that as a result of this my notes are very comprehensive.

Here are today’s top real estate investing trends:

* The next big thing in real estate is bulk reo. - This particular method is garnering a lot of attention. This is the next big move that you will see in real estate. You will need to gather all the information before others get involved.

* Real estate investing experts are finding it confusing that most homeowners do not attempt loss mitigation. - Most distressed homeowners never even try to save their homes. In fact, most of them do not even try to put up a fight. This means you will see many additional foreclosures in the future.

* Mortgage applications are heading up in volume. - This is potentially good news for real estate investing. People may be feeling that homeownership is accessible again. However, you need to know what types of applications are being made. This information could impact your decisions for your business.

Be certain to check in tomorrow for more real estate investing news and trends.

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