Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What’s Going On With All Those Mortgage Mailers?

The other day a client called sounding panicked and frustrated. He’d been inundated with letters in his mail marked “Personal!” and “Confidential!” and “Dated Material!” that urged him to participate in a “mortgage protection insurance program,” and to “Act Now!” because this was his “Important Final Notice!” “Is this something I need?” he asked.

I told him he’d done exactly the right thing by calling me because, as his RealEstate Consultant, I’m here to take the mystery out of the mortgage market, answer questions, and provide accurate information to help people like you make informed decisions about their future. If you, a friend, family member or neighbor is also frustrated by the onslaught of mortgage mailers stuffed into your mailbox every week and you’re in need of some up-to-date information, feel comfortable enough to take out your cell phone, look up my number (609-868-2114) and call me immediately.
Be sure to call me when you or someone you care about has questions about all those mortgage mailers and wants to know the best options for managing a mortgage in today's market.

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